360 Antivirus Offline Installer For Windows 7 & 10 Download Free
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June 7th, 2022


June 7th, 2022





360 Antivirus Offline Installer For Windows 7 & 10 Download Free

360 Anti Virus For Windows Review

Despite its name, 360 Anti Virus For Windows doesn’t actually protect your computer from viruses. It does, however, claim to automatically update virus definitions once a day, and it also promises “First Priority Update” for premium subscribers.

However, the company’s claims are not always true. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an anti-virus program for your computer. The first thing to consider is price. You’ll likely need to invest a bit of money to get this software, but it is also worth the money.

Review of Qihoo 360 Total Security

One of the first things that I look for in an antivirus program is one that has many features, and that is why I like the Qihoo 360 Total Security for its Bitdefender scanner.

This Chinese/Hong Kong antivirus provider claims to have more than 500 million customers, and I’m not surprised. The software has a modern interface, offers enough information, and gives you the ability to control what gets loaded when your computer boots up.

After installing 360 Total Security, I conduct a Quick Scan before I can select the Privacy Policy. This scan checks whether I have any existing virus applications on my main hard drive. The scan only takes a few minutes.

Then, I can choose which files and programs I want to clean and disable. After running the scan, I am satisfied that my computer has become faster and safer. However, if you have a slower PC, 360 Total Security might be too much for you.

Comparison of 360 Total Security with other antivirus suites

If you’re wondering what the differences between 360 Total Security and other antivirus suites are, read on to learn more about this product. While 360 Total Security provides antivirus protection, it also includes privacy mechanisms and desktop optimization tools.

The latter can help boost your PC’s performance. And if you’re worried about privacy, you’ll be glad to know that the free version doesn’t cost you a thing.

While Avast and 360 Total Security share many features, they are vastly different when it comes to price, supported systems, and covered threats.

In addition to antivirus protection, 360 Total Security offers several other features, including phishing site protection, Wi-Fi network security, and system cleanup. They also offer different customer support options, so there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with both products.

Detection of ransomware in real-time

Despite the fact that the number of ransomware attacks is continuously on the rise, there’s really no one way to keep your PC safe from this malware.

Essentially, malicious individuals encrypt a user’s files and demand money in return for the decryption key. This type of malware can attack a user’s computer, cloud storage, or email. The good news is that the 360 Anti Virus For Windows detects ransomware in real-time.

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Fortunately, most antivirus software packages include ransomware detection and removal tools. These tools detect threats online, warn users about malicious advertising, and scan their devices to detect existing infections.

If a ransomware infection is detected, 360 Anti Virus For Windows detects it in real-time and removes it automatically. These tools also help you restore files compromised by ransomware. However, you must be aware of the risks associated with ransomware and install separate antivirus software.

One-click cleanup feature

The 360 Total Security is comprehensive antivirus software that not only protects your PC from viruses but also from new types of threats. It protects you from cybercrime at any moment of the day.

The 360 Total Security also comes with a one-click clean-up feature and integrates five award-winning antivirus engines. The software also manages and optimizes startup applications and services, cleans up your computer of junk files, and improves performance.

The 360 Total Security suite offers a number of features, including a firewall, sandbox, patch up, system backup cleaner, router manager, and statistics on blocked items.

The software is easy to install and requires no account but does not ask for it. It runs on both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows. Its One-click cleanup feature removes any malicious files and registry entries with one click.

Support menu

The official website has a support menu and a dedicated blog, which updates every 1-2 weeks. In the help section, users can browse through topics categorized by the product’s function.

To contact support, users need to select a topic and a system will ask them questions to identify the problem. Once a user selects a topic, the system will offer suggestions based on the information provided. A dedicated blog also offers industry news and company updates.

After 360 Total Security is installed, it will conduct a Quick Scan, before prompting you to choose your Privacy Policy. This scan will find any existing virus applications on your main hard drive.

It can take a few minutes to complete. Afterward, you can reboot your PC. You can then choose to disable 360 Total Security or uninstall it completely. If you have installed the 360 Total Security software on your PC, you can use the same process to remove it from your computer.

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