Huawei Hisuite Driver Latest Version For Window 64-Bit Download

Huawei Hisuite Driver

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June 15th, 2023


June 15th, 2023




Huawei Hisuite Driver Latest Version For Window 64-Bit Download

We have shared the latest setup of the Huawei Hisuite driver here and free download links are available for download. Huawei HiSuite is a software application developed by Huawei Technologies that allows users to manage their Huawei smartphones and tablets from a computer. It provides various features such as data backup and restores, file transfer, app management, system update, and more. To use Huawei HiSuite on your computer, you need to install the HiSuite driver. The HiSuite driver allows your computer to recognize and communicate with your Huawei device. Here’s how you can install the HiSuite driver:

Get the driver also from the official site

  1. Visit the official Huawei website: Go to the Huawei Consumer website ( or the official support page (
  2. Navigate to the “Support” or “Downloads” section: Look for a section on the website that provides support or downloads for Huawei devices.
  3. Find your device model: Locate your specific device model from the list provided. Make sure you select the correct model to download the appropriate driver.
  4. Download the HiSuite driver: Once you’ve selected your device model, look for the HiSuite driver download link and click on it to initiate the download.
  5. Install the driver: After the driver has finished downloading, locate the downloaded file on your computer and double-click on it to run the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Once the HiSuite driver is installed, you can connect your Huawei device to your computer using a USB cable. Launch the HiSuite application, and it should detect your device. From there, you can manage your device, transfer files, and perform other tasks using the HiSuite software.

Please note that Huawei’s software and driver downloads may vary depending on your region and device model. It’s always recommended to visit the official Huawei website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding HiSuite and its drivers.

Huawei HiSuite Driver For Windows is a program that allows you to manage your phone and tablet devices from your PC. It offers features such as application management, backup and recovery, and more. It also has a feature that can help you to update your mobile device’s operating system. It can also backup your files to protect them in case of a system crash.


Huawei HiSuite is a program that allows you to make backups of your phone files. It also lets you restore the backup file whenever you want to do so. The backup file can be saved to the internal memory, external storage, or your computer. You can also password-protect your backup file.

Besides transferring files, the program can also install and update apps on your device. It can even root your Huawei device to increase performance and unlock its potential. It can even support screen mirroring, allowing you to view your device’s display on your PC or laptop.

If you have a problem with Hisuite, you can try restarting the device or changing the USB cable. This can solve the issue, but it may not work in all cases. Another solution is to use an alternative app to transfer files between your phone and your computer. One of the most popular alternatives is MobileTrans – Backup & Restore, which can directly save your data to your computer.


The Huawei HiSuite software allows you to keep all of your files under control, transfer media, backup and restore a backup, and more. It also allows you to manage your Android device operating system, allowing you to revert to previous versions and upgrade as necessary.

The software’s user interface is simple and easy to use. It has a main window with a series of buttons and options to help you perform various tasks. It can back up your contacts, call logs, photos, videos, music, and documents. It can even update your phone’s operating system directly from the computer.

To get started, you’ll need to enable USB Debugging mode on your device. This can be done by going to the Settings app on your device and tapping “System” and then “About Phone.” Touch “Build number” continuously until you see a notification that says “Developer options are enabled.” Then, you’ll need to activate it on your computer as well.


The Huawei HiSuite app allows you to manage all of your files and data from your device on your PC. It also allows you to backup and restore your data. This can be a lifesaver in the event that you forget to back up your phone or lose it. It also allows you to transfer your data between phones.

The program can also be used to manage all applications installed on your smartphone. This can be useful if you want to uninstall apps or update them. Additionally, you can use the app to capture screenshots on your phone and save them to your computer.

Another useful feature of the Huawei HiSuite software is that it can send notifications from your phone to your computer, including social media messages and text messages. You can also reply to these notifications on your computer. You can even block notifications from specific apps. This is a great way to prevent distractions while you’re working on your PC.


Besides transferring files between the phone and PC, Huawei HiSuite also offers an easy way to manage your device’s data. You can manage your contacts, messages, pictures, music, videos, apps, and other data in one place. It can even back up and restore your files.

The application has a neatly-designed interface and is simple to use. Its primary window shows all the features of the program in bright colors. The software is divided into categories by file type, making it easier to find and organize your files.

Among the most important features of the software is its ability to reset, upgrade, and revert your device’s operating system. This can help you fix bugs and enhance security. In addition, you can also install apps on your device remotely. This is a great feature that will save you time and effort. It can also be used to update your phone’s firmware. Firmware updates are crucial because they improve the performance, stability, and security of your device.

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