Logitech G923 Driver For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

Logitech G923 Driver

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March 24th, 2024


March 24th, 2024





Logitech G923 Driver For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

Here is the simple and easiest way to download the latest setup of Logitech G923 Driver. Basically, a USB driver lets you connect any device to PC via a USB data cable. Logitech G923 driver For Windows is engineered for optimized performance with sport physics. You can experience pistons pumping and gravel crunching as you force, bringing the final gaming revel in.

First, clamp the wheel to a table or desk with the built-in clamp and connect it in your PC through USB. Then download and install G Hub, Logitech’s software that acknowledges your racing wheel and pedal set.



G923 revolutionizes e-racing with TRUEFORCE, the brand new force feedback system that connects directly to in-sport simulation engines and physics for realism you can feel. Experience the throb of every piston, the crunch of every gravel surface and every shift, go with the flow and hairpin turn like by no means earlier than.

Force remarks settings can be adjusted through Logitech’s G HUB software program. The intuitive software allows players to change button assignments and modify pedal sensitivity, force remarks strength and how TrueFORCE reacts in recreation.

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Aside from the addition of the brand-new TrueForce device, G923 is very similar to its older siblings the G29 and G920. It keeps the same internal electronics, metal paddle shifters and glass-crammed nylon clamps. The new TrueForce characteristic does, but, uploads a twin-grab launch assist gadget to assist gamers hit the take hold of at just the proper second and pop out of the gates with a consistent speed. This is a must-have for racers trying to head faster from the starting point.



G Hub is a software that lets in you to customize many elements of Logitech gaming gadgets. This consists of the capacity to set DPI for mice and other peripherals, in addition to RGB lighting fixtures settings and macros. Additionally, the software program allows you to control your wheel’s capability and adjust its sensitivity.

The UI of G HUB is a bit distinct from the older Logitech Gaming Software suite, but it’s easy to navigate and gives a number of superior functions. It additionally keeps your equipment up to date by way of downloading and installing firmware updates as needed.

Users can use the app to personalize their gaming setups and synchronize them throughout multiple structures. They can also create sport profiles that change the configuration of their gaming peripherals, which helps them increase their gameplay enjoy to new heights. In addition, G Hub gives aid for Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC lighting fixtures gadget, which can sync lighting fixtures with in-recreation activities. This offers gamers a very immersive and custom-designed gaming experience.

Unlike linear pads, which overheat for the duration of lengthy durations of braking, progressive ones are engineered to offer maximum overall performance for long intervals. They’re additionally designed to supply a sluggish feel that does not jolt drivers after they stop.

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate function hydraulic damping and custom elastomers that create a smooth and revolutionary pedal force. Using the G Hub software program, you can configure output curves and pedal dead zones for complete customization.

It’s important to preserve your Logitech wheel software program updated. Not simplest will this ensure you have the pleasant overall performance, but it can additionally restore issues that might interfere with your gameplay. When updates are available, you will be capable of without difficulty install them properly from the G Hub launcher. Then you could get back to sim racing and taking part in your new wheel! It would not take long to update and also you don’t should go away your gaming consultation.


What’s New

Our 6-velocity “H” pattern shifter provides even greater realism in your sim racing. With H-sample and sequential modes, a progressive brake spring, road car-style opposite equipment inhibitor, adjustable resistance, built-in colored LEDs displaying RPM range at the guidance wheel, and repositionable pedal faces you get all the realism and manage you want to take your sport to the subsequent stage.

Getting great overall performance from your Logitech wheel calls for correctly mounted software. It’s clean to update drivers with G Hub, which routinely installs updates and gives superior tools for tuning.


Easy to set up

You also can alter your steering wheel settings, bind commands, and create macros in G Hub. All of these are easy to do with a few easy steps. G Hub additionally lets in you to peer your tool’s image inside the driver’s menu and effortlessly find any settings you’re looking for. Moreover, the manner normally takes about 5 minutes to finish. It’s the quickest manner to get your tools moving precisely where you need them.

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