MacX Video Converter For Windows (PC) Download Free

MacX Video Converter

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March 18th, 2022


March 18th, 2022





MacX Video Converter For Windows (PC) Download Free

MacX HD Video Converter Pro is a complete video converter and downloader that is the most comprehensive video software available. It combines a powerful video converter with a recorder, editor, and file size compressor.

It offers the fastest solution for converting 4K/HD videos, downloading online streams, and editing raw footage. Supporting Windows 10, it is easy to use and supports over 150 media formats. Its intuitive interface and an extensive list of features make it a powerful choice for users.

This MacX Video Converter Pro includes 370+ codecs, so it can transcode and convert any video and audio files on your computer. It supports the most popular video formats and is able to support even the most challenging formats.


Free Trial Available For Download

The program is free and standalone, so you can download it from any website and install it on your PC with a single click. It also supports all major formats for both audio and video. You can also watch HD movies without worrying about the file size.

The MacX video converter is highly versatile, as it includes a video editor. You can cut and trim local videos, merge multiple videos into one file, add subtitles, and more.

You can even edit and change the resolution of your videos, change the codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, and more. You can also choose the type of video file you want to convert, which is helpful if you plan to share it online.


Features Of MacX Video Converter

Another feature of this video converter is its video editor. You can easily trim or join multiple videos into a single file, add subtitles, and crop unwanted parts.

Additionally, you can tweak settings such as the video resolution, codec, frame rate, and aspect ratio. You can even edit subtitles to improve your video’s quality. And the program is compatible with all major formats including MPEG-4, AVI, and DivX.

The MacX video converter offers more than 100 output formats. Its video editor supports more than 370 input video codecs. It also offers more than 420 device preset profiles.

Unlike other PC video converters, it also allows you to record videos directly using a camera. The MacX Video Converter is compatible with various file formats. You can download it for free, or install it as an installer. You can convert videos with MacX, Windows, and Linux.



Another benefit of MacX is that it supports a wide variety of video and audio formats. It supports more than 420 devices, and you can choose which of these is best for you. The program also features a powerful multi-core processor, which allows you to use it more efficiently.

Further, it offers a wide range of output formats. You can even convert your favorite YouTube videos using the MacX. Its advanced video editing features will help you capture and edit videos in any format, and save the files.

Another benefit of the MacX Video Converter is that it has a 370+ codec library, which makes it a versatile tool for converting videos to and from different formats.


Covert Videos From Any Format

You can convert videos from any format to any format, including MP3 and WAV. You can also convert the videos from one format to another, including AVI, MPG, and WMV. It is available in both Windows and Apple computers.

The MacX Video Converter Pro is free to download and install. It supports more than 370 different video and audio formats and offers batch conversion. It also supports multiple video formats. It is a standalone application, meaning that it can be used offline.

However, you should note that MacX HD Video Converter does not include image file converters. If you want to download movies from the internet, try out the MacX HD Video Converter Pro.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a free video converter that can be downloaded and converted to a variety of formats. It also offers advanced video editing functionality, including the ability to add watermarks and external subtitles.


User-Friendly Interface

Its user interface is simple to use and supports high-quality videos. With its 370+ codec library, you can convert almost any audio or video format. The MacX Video Converter Pro supports all the major formats, including MP3, WMV, and AAC.

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