Maxthon 5 Browser Offline Installer Download For PC

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July 27th, 2021


July 27th, 2021



Maxthon 5 Browser Offline Installer Download For PC

The Top Features Of Maxthon5 Browser For Windows

Maxthon 5 browser for windows is a new browser designed by WebKit and Trident, which offer an excellent browsing experience. It also has an enhanced security protection mechanism, provides faster speed, and provides the functionality one needs while working. This is the best free browser available for download.

Maxthon 5 Browser for Windows offers similar browsing features to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari, etc. The unique feature of this browser is that it is using the X11 operating system which is available in the majority of computers today. This feature provides the user with a better experience and reduces the risk of any security issue. One can easily install and run the browser with the help of a simple wizard.


What’s new

Maxthon 5 Browser for Windows offers several advanced features which are very useful. Here we will go through them one by one. One of the advanced features offered by the browser is the built-in weather widget. This widget can be customized according to your taste and placed on the right-side pane of the window. You can even customize the size and color of the weather widget.

Another feature of Maxthon, which makes it more interesting for users is the built-in translator. This feature enables the user to translate the web page into any language that they prefer. So, no matter what language you are dealing with on the internet, you get a web page that is well readable to you. Maxthon also supports the international encoding and decoding of different languages.


How to install on Windows

Maxthon 5 Browser for Windows comes with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which ensures maximum security of all the information that is entered on the web pages. Maxthon also provides the cookie manager that helps in managing the number of cookies that are being set on the windows browser. This feature helps in reducing bandwidth usage and increases the speed of loading the pages.

The Maxthon browser offers the Easy Download Manager tool which makes it easier to download various files such as images, music, etc. You just have to download the required file and place it into the appropriate folder. Easy Download Manager tool helps in improving the speed of downloading large files. You can either choose to download the whole website or just download a single page or a particular page as many times you want.


More about Maxthon browser

Maxthon 5 Browser for Windows offers a private network that allows one to connect to several other Maxthon users without using the public network. These other Maxthon users share one common IP address. In this way, you can easily connect to them and share your favorite websites and forums with them. You can chat with them using the internet chat facilities available in Maxthon.

The browser also features a personal homepage and a search bar that help in performing the task quickly. You can add more folders and create a new folder and have unlimited search options. The private network in Maxthon allows you to browse the internet privately. Private networks do not show any information about the IP address of the user. This way you can make safe surfing habits while using the browser. The privacy of the user is completely maintained with this mode of browsing.

One of the best features of the Maxthon5 browser for Windows is its speed. You can view various web pages very quickly and you do not have to wait for them. You can also download the file very quickly through the private network. The entire operation is complete privacy-wise.


Features of Maxthon browser

Another feature of Maxthon5 browser for Windows is its great memory saving capability. The program features an efficient storage management system. The browser automatically starts when you open a program. It also remembers the last viewed web page and downloads the information from the web server. The downloaded information gets stored in the memory making it much easier to access later on.

Maxthon also includes a very powerful search facility. The user can specify a keyword and the browser searches the specified web pages. There are no advertisements interrupting your browsing time. This browser also has one-click software installation.

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