Puffin Browser Offline Installer Setup For Windows Download Free

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June 17th, 2021


June 17th, 2021



Puffin Browser Offline Installer Setup For Windows Download Free

In this post, we have shared the offline installer setup of the Puffin secure browser which can support PC and laptop. With browsing sessions now inside the cloud, your phone, tablet, and computer are safe from hijacking.

Free & Fast

The puffin browser is free and fast. You can install it on any system. You can do anything by using the Puffin browser.  It is a specialist for browsing the internet but you can use it as a downloader. Basically, this may all sound like features any decent browser must integrate, what differentiates Puffin from similar programs is its distinct focus on speed. It manages to offer that by introducing its cloud computing technology, which allows it to turn to select servers to preprocess and compress the websites you are visiting.

Is there is puffin browser for pc?

Puffin browser is available for PC. You can download it from this page absolutely free. Puffin for PC has extra features. In turn, this translates to the fact you can access web pages more quickly than under normal circumstances, not to mention that all the traffic is encrypted, and as a result, using public insecure WiFi should pose no risks whatsoever. In any case, if you prefer to revert to local mode, disabling the cloud server is one click away.

How can I use puffin on my laptop?

The use of the Puffin browser is the same on PC & laptop. All things considered, Puffin Browser is a new arrival on the PC that could have a bright future. The application provides you with a straightforward means of surfing the web, and its indisputable focus on speed and security could turn it into a reliable browsing companion if you are curious to give it a shot.

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Features of Puffin browser

  1. Free available for download
  2. Fast and secure browsing
  3. Can support for downloading of huge files
  4. You can save your browsing history

Its incognito mode is so complicated with other browsers. You can browse any website privately via using the incognito mode which helps you to hide history records, decrease visible breadcrumbs and delete tracking cookies while shutting down. The mode will remove all of your activities while making your privacy private.

Download Menu

You can download the full setup of the Puffin browser by managing this page. If you have any issues with downloading, you can share it here.


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